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"...working with timber means understanding its strengths and weaknesses, its uses and character - and It's the difference between success and failure in any given project..."
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  classification: SOFTWOOD (Sawn Timber, PAR, PFSS and Joinery Grade)
We stock most common sections and lengths of graded structural timber. C16 and C24 and lengths of up to 7.2 metres in some sections. All the timber is machine graded timber and most is treated ready to go. We keep 5th redwood planed all round and joinery quality board that can be cut and prepared to your requirements.
  classification: HARDWOOD (Sawn, PAR and PFSS)
We stock a variety of the most popular hardwoods in sawn boards. We can prepare these boards to your specification. They can be planed and finished to a size of your choosing or machined to a profile such as for skirting, architrave, windowboard, sills or frames, etc.
  classification: CLS (Canadian Lumber Stock)
Our CLS is untreated and graded to C16. It is suitable a for studwall construction. We keep 38 x 63mm and 38 x 89mm in 2.4m and 3.0m lengths. It has eased edged and a planed finish for ease of handling.
  classification: Metalwork
We stock a variety of metal fixings for timber such as joist hangers, joist straps, bolts, plaster beads, etc.
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